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Bike Rental

One of the best ways to get around Amsterdam is by bicycle. As a favoured mode of transport for both locals and visitors alike, you will find plenty of shops and companies to rent a bike from. The prices are typically per day with some companies offering deals on longer-term rentals. A few of the larger bike rental agencies include MacBike, YellowBike and Black Bikes. You can also view the Amsterdam tourism website for information on guided tours of the city by bicycle.

Public transport

To make use of public transport in Amsterdam you will need a public transport chip card. Amsterdam is working towards making public transport completely cashless. Tickets can only be purchased using debit or credit as of 26 March 2018. Cash is no longer accepted on buses and trams.

It is important that you always check-in and check-out of each mode of transport (bus, trams and train). This includes when transferring. To check-in/out, just hold your card in front of one the card readers or ports.

A day ticket costs about € 7.50 and is valid for 24 hours from the time you first check-in. They are sold in trams and buses, and are also available at the ticket vending machines at metro stations. Multi-day tickets are available at the ticket vending machines at all metro stations, and Tourist/GVB Tickets & Info at Amsterdam Central Station.

You can find more information about public transport in Amsterdam by visiting the GVB website.

For more information about train times and routes (including to and from Schiphol airport), please visit the NS website.

By car

Parking in Amsterdam city limits is not only difficult to find, but it’s also expensive. As all of the tournament locations are within what’s referred to as “the ring” (city centre and surrounding neighbourhoods), we highly encourage you to use public transport or a bicycle.

If you are arriving by car in Amsterdam, the “Park and Ride” stations just outside the city proper are your best option. Here you can safely park your car for multiple days at a fraction of the cost than leaving your car in the centre. When using Park and Ride, you and your group qualify for a discounted trip into the centre and back. For more information, see the City of Amsterdam’s website here.

Please note that if you choose to drive, the Amsterdam Tigers will not cover the costs associated with parking unless it is an exceptional case or agreed to beforehand.

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